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Lara Fronte

Business Consulting & Strategic Leadership

Head of PMO 

In an increasingly projectized world, a robust Project Management Office (PMO) is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As Head of PMO, I ensure that your organization’s strategic objectives and project initiatives are in perfect harmony. From optimizing resource allocation to establishing best practices and metrics, I oversee the bridge between strategy and execution. 

 Contract Expert

Expert commercial and contract management is essential for profitable, harmonious business relationships. With mastery in these areas, businesses can secure advantageous agreements, reduce financial risks, and plan strategically. Skillful management of contract life cycles adds predictability and transparency, ultimately boosting profit margins and growth. 

C-Suite Escort

In today’s constantly changing landscape, having a C-Suite Escort & Strategic Advisor can make the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving. Offering expertise in commercial and contract management, I provide essential guidance to help you navigate complex negotiations, mitigate risks, and maximize contractual value. 

Legal Counselor

Sound legal business protection from liabilities and costly errors. Companies can preserve their reputation, maintain compliance, and uphold corporate responsibilities. Staying abreast of changing laws ensures companies avoid penalties, fostering trust and credibility. 

Lara Fronte

About Lara

Welcome to the personal website of Lara Fronte, a Strategic Consultant and Versatile Steward of Business Success with an impressive track record across diverse sectors and global markets. In addition to being a renowned Commercial and contract Management Luminary, Lara now also excels as a Head of PMO, aligning projects with strategic goals for optimal efficiency and reduced risk. 

Lara brings to the table a compelling portfolio of legal counsel, strategic consultation, and project management leadership, establishing herself as a board influencer and trusted advisor. She delivers robust solutions in legal, commercial, and contract management, multi-year business planning, risk mitigation tactics, and strategic project alignment. Her sectors of expertise include Energy (Renewable and Non-Renewable), Manufacturing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Offshore Engineering, Maritime Services, and more.

Experience You Can Trust

Highly strategic, left-brain thinker credited with maximizing value for all parties involved by boosting profit margins, improving EBITDA, and realizing efficiencies through a deep understanding of legal and project management across multiple geographies and industries.


Headed PMO for Various Oil & Gas and renewable Energy Projects Internationally


Trusted C-suite & Board Influencer for international business leaders


Inspirational mentor, team builder, and global leader

Lara offers a unique blend of expertise in Commercial & Contract Management, Legal Counseling & Regulatory Navigation, Strategic Advising, and PMO Leadership, positioning her as a multifaceted consultant for today’s complex business landscape. Her comprehensive skill set empowers organizations to optimize their contractual agreements, navigate regulatory challenges, make informed strategic decisions, and align projects with overarching business goals.

Lara Fronte

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London, UK

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