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More About Lara

Lara’s professional journey is distinguished by her strategic acumen and an unparalleled ability to maximize value for all stakeholders, bolster profitability, augment EBITDA, streamline efficiencies, and align projects with organizational objectives. Her profound grasp of the legal, contract, and project management landscapes sets her apart, positioning her as a coveted leader in the global business circuit.

Lara’s expertise lies in untangling the intricacies of global contracts, including partnership & JV agreements, and M&A share purchase agreements. She demonstrates superior proficiency in drafting and negotiating tenders and complex cross-border contracts, and has made notable contributions to the sales, finance, operations, procurement, HSEQ, and HR departments of global enterprises. In her role as Head of PMO, she excels in governance, resource allocation, and strategic alignment, ensuring that projects not only meet their targets but also contribute meaningfully to business goals.

Her knack for forging resilient contract agreements, leading successful negotiations, clinching key deals, and ensuring project success has significantly contributed to her clients’ achievements. Lara’s rich professional history includes influential roles like C-suite and board influencer for Vestas Japan Co Ltd, Group Legal Counsel for Ricoh Europe PLC, Global Head of Legal & Contracts for Global Marine Systems Ltd, and now, a role that includes overseeing PMOs.

Alongside her extensive legal and project management knowledge, Lara is a motivational mentor, an adept team builder, and a dynamic leader recognized for her capability to build legal, procurement, contract management, insurance, and project management departments from the ground up.