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Executive Bio

Lara’s Journey

Charting the Odyssey of a Legal Maverick: The Lara Fronte Story

Lara Fronte’s career journey showcases an impressive trajectory spanning more than 23 years, encompassing various industries and international markets. With deep-rooted expertise in legal and contract management, Lara is a formidable left-brain strategist and persuasive negotiator who takes immense pride in staunchly advocating for organizational interests.

Beginning her professional life with a solid educational foundation, Lara holds advanced LLM and MCIPS qualifications that have been pivotal in her success. She has an exemplary track record of arresting revenue losses, curbing unnecessary expenditures, preventing EBITDA declines, and resolving conflicts effectively.

From the Classroom to the Courtroom

Her early years in the industry saw her in the role of Senior Legal Contracts Advisor at Saipem, where she had the opportunity to travel extensively to Russia, Italy, and Norway. While the experience at Saipem was enriching, it was during her time at JFD that Lara was handpicked by the CEO to lead a high-stakes, multi-million Euro project involving the Deep Explorer DSV, which is owned by TechnipFMC. Under her guidance, the project successfully secured over GBP 3M in variation orders and established critical subcontracts.

Continuing her career advancement, Lara assumed the role of Head of Legal & Contracts (Consultant) at Global Marine Systems Ltd. Here, she orchestrated a complete transformation of a lagging legal and contract management department. As a result-driven leader, Lara was instrumental in recouping millions in pending funds through astute negotiations and well-crafted settlement agreements. Her leadership further extended to shaping the company’s 5-year business plan, setting the stage for future legal and procurement objectives.

Lara’s next milestone was at Ricoh Europe PLC, where she served as the Group Legal Counsel. In this capacity, she also acted as the Principal Legal Consultant for all Group Procurement Contracts globally. Recognized for her acumen, Lara provided invaluable legal counsel to the company’s board and executive team on a myriad of contract and legal matters. Additionally, she implemented a structured framework of ‘Golden Rules’ and built an effective clause library, thereby solidifying the organization’s global legal stance.

Prior to her current role, Lara was the Senior Contracts Manager (Consultant) at Vestas Japan Co Ltd. Focusing primarily on Renewables Service Contracts within Vestas Offshore Wind across multiple Asian countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, Lara proved her mettle by consulting the board on significant commercial strategies. She also contributed to standardizing contract management processes and templates for the APAC region.


Streamlined Legal and Contract Management:

As the Head of Legal & Contracts at Global Marine Systems Ltd., Lara improved EBITDA by over 20% annually by streamlining legal and contract management procedures. Her strategic changes led to the recovery of approximately $20M in outstanding monies.


Risk Mitigation and Savings

At Ricoh Europe PLC, halted a potential loss of $2.3M per year by advising the board against a risky contract. Her legal advice and contract risk mitigation strategies saved the company significant amounts, enhancing its financial health.


Leadership in Offshore Wind Projects:

As a Senior Contracts Manager at Vestas Japan Co Ltd, played a pivotal role in securing a 295 MW order for the Zhong Neng offshore wind project. Her responsibilities encompassed contract development, review, and analysis.


Major Contract Negotiations:

Successfully led negotiations and closure of all Joint Venture Agreements on cross-border deals. Authored and negotiated complex global contracts, including M&A share purchase agreements and partnership & JV agreements, worth billions.


Innovative Project Management:

Chosen by the CEO to lead a £250M project at JFD (Seconded to TechnipFMC), where she managed a budget of over GBP 350M. Her leadership not only led to the successful completion of the project but also earned her progressive responsibilities and promotions.

Lara Today

Today, Lara occupies the role of Head of PMO at Peak Wind. Overseeing a compact yet highly effective team of approximately 8 members, Lara holds multifaceted responsibilities encompassing governance, client reporting, budget management of 3 billion per annum, processes and procedures, templates, planning, and contract management. She is currently spearheading key projects, including the Changfang and Xidao Project as well as the ZN Project in Taiwan. Committed as ever to efficiency and innovation, her influence and experience continue to extend across various industries and international boundaries, solidifying her reputation as a truly exceptional leader.