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25+ years of Success 

More than a Decade of Delivering Legal, Contract, and PMO Mastery for Profitable Results and Growth

Lara Fronte is more than just a contract management consultant; she is a strategic thinker, a proven leader, an expert negotiator, and a seasoned PMO head. With over 15 years of experience in legal, contract management, and project governance, Lara has become a trusted advisor to Fortune 100/500 companies, guiding them toward profitable results, business growth, and increased efficiencies.

Her expertise covers diverse industries and geographies, showcasing her versatility and comprehensive understanding of global business landscapes. She is also highly proficient in aligning projects with strategic goals, a crucial skill she developed through her PMO roles.

Lara has achieved many impressive accomplishments throughout her journey. She has successfully recovered around $20 million for clients by renegotiating contracts and reaching settlements. Additionally, she has saved more than $40 million by providing valuable insights on tendering and supplier contracts at Global Marine Systems Ltd. However, her impact goes beyond financial results. Lara is also an inspiring mentor and leader, known for creating and leading high-performing departments in legal, procurement, contract management, insurance, and PMO.

Driven by a passion for creating win-win solutions, Lara aims for a balance between mitigating risks, maximizing value, and aligning projects with corporate objectives. Her personal interests include reading, going to the gym, traveling, veganism, and a strong commitment to climate change, animal cruelty prevention, and the mission to help the world become net-zero.

Lara not only advises on pivotal commercial management positions but also contributes to setting PMO-aligned contract management templates, processes, and procedures across the APAC region. 

Lara Fronte

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